The Sex Workers Outreach Project- Sacramento is a California State social justice network dedicated to reducing harm, improving health, and upholding both civil and human rights of sex workers and their communities. Our focus is on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy, while improving the health and well being of both trafficking victims and those who engage in survival sex.


SWOP Sacramento’s focus is harm reduction, with an emphasis on the reduction of HIV and other communicable diseases, rape reduction, mental healthcare, reduction of violence against Sex Workers, education and useable services.

Chaperone and Advocacy – SWOP Sacramento acts as a liaison between government entities, processes and Sex Workers.

We attend court dates, medical appointments and service interviews along with sex workers. We  advocate for workers who need services in transition or while still in the industry.  For those who are trafficked we provide safe house placement and transport. We fund and facilitate counseling appointments with trauma informed therapists who can adequately address issues faced by those who are homeless, disenfranchised, and/or are victims of sex trafficking.

Street Outreach – We specialize in street predator notifications, services, and collection of data addressing the needs of sex workers using a harm reduction model. We deliver condoms, know your rights cards, food, hygiene supplies, and support to those working on the street.

Home Visits – Sacramento Swop reaches out to those who would like help but want to meet in their own comfort zone. We find that meeting those in need in an environment that is comforting to them allows for freedom of discourse and needs of those workers to be met more efficiently.

Hospital and Institution Visits – Our design and implementation of outreach programs to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, jails, and other institutions allows for cost saving measures in the long run. The idea of sex workers helping sex workers is familiar and non-threatening to those in need. Our organization is made of those who have been trafficked, those who have successfully transitioned, and those who have worked independently for decades in the sex trade. We find that because we best understand the needs and lives sex workers, we can best address their needs.

Statistical Analysis – Sacramento Swop has just finished a needs analysis of sex workers in the Sacramento Valley engaged in survival sex or who are victims of trafficking.   Our alliances allow us to gather non-influenced data and generate reports which will allow for better use of evaluation, funding, and program development.

What’s New

Kristen DiAngelo fights for Decrim in Hawaii

August 29th, 2018|Comments Off on Kristen DiAngelo fights for Decrim in Hawaii

Together Harm Reduction Hawaii and SWOP Sacramento collaborated for the second year in a row to education and inform politicians, the community, and the medical professionals in the State Capitol. Hawaii has often been ahead [...]

UN Special Rapporteur Calls for the US to “Stop the Practice of Arresting Persons… Engaging in Prostitution”

August 29th, 2018|Comments Off on UN Special Rapporteur Calls for the US to “Stop the Practice of Arresting Persons… Engaging in Prostitution”

Excerpt from the findings by Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, UN Special Rapporteur in Trafficking in Persons... "In this regard, I urge the government to stop the practice of arresting persons – especially women, girls and LGBTI [...]

VDay Sacramento Presents The Vagina Monologues

February 13th, 2017|0 Comments

WHAT IS V-DAY SACRAMENTO? V-Day Sacramento is a locally-organized grassroots movement that increases awareness and raises funds to END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN in Sacramento. Annual projects include a benefit performance of “The Vagina Monologues” and [...]