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Sacramento Swop supports the integration of sex workers into the mainstream through conventional and non-conventional techniques. We build bridges between Sex workers and the world to allow the human rights of those workers to be upheld.

Sexual and General Health – Condoms, lube, and help setting up health screening appointments for workers, giving them ideas for communication techniques with health care providers – Drug treatment information and placement services.

Personal Safety while working in the Sex Trade – SacSwop provides panels and classes on spotting predators, high risk clients, condom breakage, street safety, parlor safety, and Internet safety. We have dealt with some of the most difficult problems in the sex trade and can attack problems knowing the intricacies of how the industry works. This equivocates for a decrease in collateral damage.

Sex Worker Interface and Capacity Building  Programs – Sacramento Swop specializes in professional interface programs educating law enforcement, medical professions, probation officers, clergy and educators.

Exiting from Sex Work – Here at Sacramento Swop we know how to exit and still live, as some of us have done it. We address the change in lifestyle, self esteem, resume building, re-education while using those skills you have acquired and knowing what services are available, and how to access them. We can give you support in staying safe after exiting and how to deal with past clients. With self esteem and real world transitional support, the control is put back in the hands of the sex worker. They themselves can decide when to stay and when to leave.

Food Program and Work Program – SWOP Sacramento provides both hot meals and meal boxes to our participants. This program is staffed by clients who are now the cooks, outreach coordinators, and servers. Each week we prepare a hot meal, which is served to our homeless workers in the fields. In addition, we deliver food boxes to mothers with children in Sacramento and Yolo counties.

Safe House – At the end of 2014 SWOP Sacramento founded our SWOP Safe House. A house where those in desperate need can find a hot meal and a clean bed. We accept those who are escaping pimps and traffickers as well as those engaged in survival sex or who are victims of violence in the sex trade.

Clothing and Essentials –  SWOP Sacramento partners with Deseret Industries to provide clothing and basic essentials for our program participants.

Drop in Center –  Every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. SWOP Sacramento in conjunction with the Gender Health Center will host a sex worker safe space.  Here both cisgender and transgender will be offered free and confidential STD screening, peer counseling, good food and good conversation. Located at The Gender Health Center 2020 29th street, downstairs.

For more information about our services please contact Kristen DiAngelo at

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